#TokyoTwelve! Event schedule for Scots at the Olympics

Monday 2nd August 2021

#TokyoTwelve: Strong Scottish selection within GB for Olympics 

The Olympics are upon us and the athletics action is waiting for the gun to go off!

We feel everyone within athletics in Scotland is thrilled at the prospect of watching events in Japan and checking on the progress of our #TokyoTwelve within Team GB and Ni.

It’s a great moment for these athletes and their families and coaches and a huge achievement to be competing at the Olympic Games.

In terms of Scottish representation, only once in the past 11 versions of the Games has there been a bigger Scottish cohort in the British team (15 athletes in Rio in 2016) – taking us back to 1972 in Munich when a dozen were also selected.

We send our very best wishes to all involved – athletes, coaches, families and indeed the clubs who helped develop these athletes – and reiterate our congratulations.

Heats are largely during the night (our time) with finals during the morning or early afternoon.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics website with schedule (in Japanese time, eight hours ahead of us)

We’ve pulled together the schedule as below with potential final events in brackets . . . (all times are our time)

Friday 30 July

02:25 Women’s 800m Round 1 – Jemma Reekie

11:00 Women’s 5000m Round 1 – Eilish McColgan

12:00 4x400m Mixed Relay Round 1 – Nicole Yeargin, Zoey Clark

 Saturday 31 July

(12:50 Women’s 800m Semi Final – Jemma Reekie)

(13:35 4x400m Mixed Relay Final – Nicole Yeargin, Zoey Clark)

 Monday 2 Aug

01:35 Women’s 1500m Round 1 – Laura Muir

02:30 Women’s 200m Round 1 – Beth Dobbin

(11:25 Women’s 200m Semi Final – Beth Dobbin)

(13:40 Women’s 5000m Final – Eilish McColgan)

Jemma Reekie and Laura Muir in Monaco recently with coach Andy Young

Tuesday 3 Aug

01:05 Men’s 1500m Round 1 – Josh Kerr, Jake Wightman

01:45 Women’s 400m Round 1 – Nicole Yeargin

12:00 Men’s 5000m Round 1 – Andy Butchart

(13:25 Women’s 800m Final – Jemma Reekie)

(13:50 Women’s 200m Final – Beth Dobbin)

Wednesday 4 Aug

(11:00 Women’s 1500m Semi Final – Laura Muir)

(11:30 Women’s 400m Semi Final – Nicole Yeargin)

Sprinters Beth Dobbin and Nicole Yeargin are in individual events and also Relay squads 

Thursday 5 Aug

02:09 Women’s 4x100m Heats – Beth Dobbin

11:25 Women’s 4x400m Heats – Nicole Yeargin, Zoey Clark

(12:00 Men’s 1500m Semi Final – Josh Kerr, Jake Wightman)

Friday 6 Aug

(13:00 Men’s 5000m Final – Andy Butchart)

(13:35 Women’s 400m Final Nicole Yeargin)

(13:50 Women’s 1500m Final – Laura Muir)

(14:30 Women’s 4x100m Final – Beth Dobbin)

23:00 Women’s Marathon – Steph Davis, Steph Twell

Saturday 7 Aug

(11:45 Women’s 10000m Final – Eilish McColgan)

(12:40 Men’s 1500m Final – Josh Kerr, Jake Wightman)

(13:30 Women’s 4x400m Final – Nicole Yeargin, Zoey Clark)

23:00 Men’s Marathon – Callum Hawkins

Our marathon trio – Steph Davis, Callum Hawkins and Steph Twell

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