Lindsays Virtual Road Challenge: follow the Leaderboards

Saturday 30th January 2021


Our latest Lindsays Virtual Road Challenge is up and running over the weekend.

And we’d like to thank just over 600 athletes who committed to this weekend’s virtual event, which includes an Inter-District element.

Solo runs can take place up until 11.59pm on Monday and then we need submissions of those performances by noon on Tuesday (February 2).

There’s more information on the Event section page and you can follow the Leaderboards on the link above

Event Section page

Result Categories

  • Individual by age group/gender
  • Teams of 3 by club – any gender per age group
  • Inter District Challenge – EAST v NORTH v WEST
  • Individual athletes awarded points on place within their age/gender category (1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points, etc.)
  • Teams of 15 per age group, made up of 15 lowest scoring athletes per age group regardless of gender
  • Districts fielding fewer than 15 athletes in an age group will receive a points penalty per missing athlete
  • Lowest combined points score for the team wins
  • An individual’s district will be determined by the district of the club they have entered the event under
  • NB Half Marathon performances are NOT included in the Inter District Challenge can will be included in club teams




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