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Saturday 30th May 2020


It’s another big weekend in terms of our 4J Studios Virtual Challenge events series for summer 2020.

And we’re absolutely delighted to have received no fewer than 1700 names for our Club Distance 2 challenge which asks athletes to run for 15 minutes or for 30 minutes and then submit distance in kilometres.

And you can check distances already posted via the leaderboard link at the top of this story.

All these solo runs have to be completed by 11.59pm on Monday and then athletes who have entered are asked to submit details of their run by noon on Tuesday (June 2).


There are a whole host of categories involved in terms of club and team ‘competition’ and for each age group. These are outlined on our Event section page.

As has been the case up to now, we’re asking all involved to stick to the Scottish Government advice about exercise, observe social distancing guidelines and also follow a few rules and regulations which scottishathletics have drafted and refined for everyone’s benefit.

Important Rules

No Point 2 Point Runs

No Laps Less than 1km

Start and Finish at same point

No net Loss in Elevation

We’ve introduced these rules not because we want to be heavy-handed, but rather to try and give some uniformity to the Virtual Challenges events as ‘semi-competitive’.

The events are not championships – they can’t be because everyone competes on a different course and under different conditions – but we are delighted with the buy-in from clubs and athletes in terms of a focus during lockdown restrictions.

For more detailed information on this, please check out the Event section page.

Event section: 4J Studios Club Distance Challenge 2


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