‘Volunteer led and professionally managed’ – Ron Morrison

Saturday 12th October 2019

AGM elects Ron Morrison as new President

He has vast experience in our sport as an athlete, coach, Official and administrator in various key roles over many years.

So Ron Morrison, the well-known and highly regarded Fife AC stalwart and UK Athletics Endurance Official of the Year in 2018, was a popular and obvious choice as our new President.

The AGM at the Emirates Arena on September 29 duly approved a recommendation from Kilbarchan AAC that Ron be elevated into a President’s role he filled some 20 years ago.

Now he hopes to build on the progress of the sport during the combined stewardship of predecessor Leslie Roy and Chair Ian Beattie by promoting a joined-up approach between scottishathletics staff and key volunteers on our Commissions and clubs.

It’s an approach which we sometimes summarise by the social media hashtag  #SALtogether.

‘I am delighted to have the privilege of being the President of scottishathletics for the second time,’ said Ron.

‘In my first term of office, which was for two years back between 1997 and 1999, it is fair to say that the sport was not only in decline but in turmoil about what to do about it.

‘The solution was to restructure the management of the sport with the motto of ‘Volunteer led and Professionally managed‘.

‘A Vision Document was written and approved by the clubs and that was duly followed by a Business Plan that was funded to the tune of £1.5m by the Sports Council.

scottishathletics win Governing Body of the Year award

‘Recent years have seen a rise in participation, particularly in Women’s endurance events’ – action here from the Road Relays at Livingston (photo by Bobby Gavin)

‘It probably took 10 to 15 years to see the benefits of the Vision Document, but for me they are clearly with us now.

‘In our sport there are only two important measures in judging success – participation levels and elite performance.

‘In recent years we have seen a huge rise in participation in our National Championships especially in Women’s endurance events and in cross country.

With three Scottish athletes selected to represent the UK at the World Mountain Running Championships in Argentina, 12 others competing for the UK at the IAAF World Champs backed up with a further eight in Dubai at the World Para Championships (remember a silver medal has already won in the marathon), it is clear that Scotland punches well above its weight in UK terms.

‘Over the years many, many people have contributed to this resurgence but it requires the teamwork that comes via the organisation of the staff and the considerable input and effort of volunteers who provide the support for clubs and individuals.

‘In a rapidly changing world, the clear challenge is to enhance the current provision and anticipate the changing shape of the environment required by our members.

‘I have been in our sport for many years but I am no less enthusiastic about it than I was when I started.

‘I look forward to the next few years as your President.’

Ron is an Honorary Life Member of scottishathletics and was presented with the Tom Stillie Sword back in 2015.

Tom Stillie award

Ron Morrison receives the Tom Stillie Award sword in 2015 from Leslie Roy


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