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Thursday 13th June 2019

Action from the GAA Miler Meet which is now included in the Event Specific Series scores (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Enter FPSG Combined Events Champs on July 13/14

Enter FPSG Masters Champs on July 13/14

The scottishathletics Event Specific Series is very much up and running for the 2019 season.

Indeed, we’ve added a host of results from recent events to up-date the tables which pertain to both clubs overall, within events and individual athletes within age brackets.

Performances from the likes of the Monument Mile Classic in Stirling, the GAA Sprints Meet at Crownpoint, the GAA Miler Meet at Scotstoun, the Throws GP at Livingston and the Jumps Series 1 meet at Aberdeen have now been logged.

Check out the latest tables here:

Event Specific Series scores

Keep checking the page link above as that is where we regularly update all performances and scoring tables.

As a snapshot of those scores, we can confirm the following 1-2-3 in the Overall Club Champs, where clubs are categorised according to overall membership numbers.

In this competition, the best three scores for each athlete are recorded

Overall Club Champs Category A

1 Giffnock North 2 VP-Glasgow 3 Edinburgh AC

Overall Club Champs Category B

1 Inverness Harriers 2 Shetland AAC 3 Falkirk Vics

Overall Club Champs Category C

1 Inverclyde AC 2 Lasswade AAC 3 Team East Lothian

This downloadable document provides details of the introduction of the Event Specific Series in 2018 and information about the scoring system employed.

Forthcoming events which will feature in the Event Specific Series for 2019 are as follows:

June 16: Shetland AAC OGM

June 28: GAA Sprints Gala

July 13/14: scottishathletics National Combined Events Championships

July 13/14: scottishathletics National Masters Championships

July 13/14: scottishathletics National Hurdles Open

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