Time to ‘Celebrate’ at Inverclyde special events

Thursday 1st May 2014

As part of local celebrations to commemorate the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow this summer, Inverclyde Local Athletic Partnership’s (ILAP) is holding the ILAP CG 2014 Quad Challenge.

The ILAP CG 2014 Quad Challenge’s is quite simple – it is to bring members of the Inverclyde sport community together to celebrate the Commonwealth Games coming to Glasgow.

And, in keeping with the Commonwealth Games ‘mantra’, it is very much also about these same individuals and groups getting together and enjoying themselves!

Although the ILAP CG 2014 Quad Challenge is being organised by the ILAP, members of the local Ravenscraig Sports Community Hub and Sport Inverclyde, whose members include netball, basketball, hockey and football, will also be involved.

This should ensure as wide a reach as possible in terms of the sporting community in Inverclyde – all celebrating of Glasgow 2014.

The ILAP CG 2014 Quad Challenge is not just focused on participants; anyone who has been successful in their Glasgow 2014 Volunteer application is welcome to come along and experience an athletics meeting.

This invitation is also extended to anyone who applied but was not successful and any other local volunteers who wish to become involved.

In addition, any new scottishathletics Coaches, Coaching Assistants and Leaders will certainly be given the opportunity to utilise and develop their new skills during the events.

Find out more about the Celebrate fund on our blog post by Shona Robison


With four of the main ILAP Partners comprising Inverclyde Council Active Schools/Sports Development, Inverclyde Schools AA, Greenock Glenpark Harriers and Inverclyde Athletic Club, together with the local Ravenscraig Sports Community Hub and Sport Inverclyde, there’s no doubt the vast majority of participants involved in this Project will be children and young people.

But this is exactly how it should be: the children and young people of Inverclyde are our future adults and by taking part in ILAP CG 2014 Quad Challenge it may just provide them with the inspiration to go on and become Scotland’s Commonwealth Games athletes of the future!

The first day took place in April and there are three further dates this summer – two before the Games themselves and one after.

Ravenscraig Athletics Stadium is the venue for young athletes to compete in a number of events such as: 100m, 200m, 800m, 1500m, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Putt and (soft) Javelin for young athletes with additional events such as 400m and 1500m for senior athletes and relays for everyone.

Forthcoming dates (all Sundays) are:

  • 18 May
  • 13 July
  • 17 August

Entries are on the day with declarations open from 11.00 am – 12.00 noon and the first event starting at 1.00pm and the last event starting around 2.30pm.

A nice addition to the ILAP CG 2014 Quad Challenge is that local athletes (which includes runners, joggers and walkers) can ‘run ‘ the 118,000 miles of the Queens Baton Relay route by inputting their daily/weekly running, jogging or walking miles (which are converted into steps) into the ILAP CG2014 Group on the Inverclyde Globetrotters website at http://www.worldwalking.org.

It is our intention to try and ‘reach’ Glasgow with the Baton at the last race of the ILAP CG2014 Quad Challenge event held on Sunday 13 July ñ ten days before the Games begin.

The Queens Baton Relay route is divided into 11 stages starting at New Delhi in India and ending in Scotland at Glasgow. When complete, our contribution will be one of the world’s biggest virtual running events!

To give you some idea about distance here – if we were to input the distance ran by all the senior men during their 12k at the SAL Cross Country Championships last February, it would equal 10.5 million steps which would take up two of the Queens Baton Relay route stages.


Gerry Gaffney

Chairperson ILAP.


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