Selected for Scotland: Athletes named for Throws and Jumps meets

Tuesday 21st May 2024

Scotland selections have been named for two event specific pathway meetings coming soon in England.

We’re pleased to be sending teams to the B.I.G. Jumps event in Oxford on Saturday 25 May and the Shaun Pickering Throws International at Loughborough on Monday 27 May.

Both events are in the performance development bracket with age groups at U23, U20 and U18.

A dozen young Scots are picked and pole vault selections may follow later.

Many congratulations to these athletes and their families as well as their coaches. We also note the effort of clubs in the development of these emerging athletes over a number of years.

Scotland throws team:

Logan Mitchell (Kilmarnock Harriers): U20 Shot

Scott Hopper (Kilbarchan AAC): U20 Javelin

Josh Tyler (Exeter): U23 Shot

Abbey Kennedy (Kilmarnock Harriers): U18 Hammer

Victoria Anestik (Falkirk Victoria Harriers); Ava Mitchell (VP-Glasgow): U18 Shot

Meghan Porterfield (VP-Glasgow): U20 Discus

Amy Kennedy (Cumbernauld AAC): U23 Shot

Dawn Russell (Kilbarchan AAC): U23 Javelin

Freya Howgate (Perth Strathtay Harriers) U23 Shot

Scotland jumps team:

Matilda Brockley (Edinburgh AC): U18 Triple Jump

Matthew Tait (Dunfermline Track and Field): U20 High Jump


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