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Tuesday 30th October 2018

Spikes on track

Please note that scottishathletics and jogscotland will be transferring to a new membership system in November.

As a result, we will not be able to take any new memberships or renewals for a period of around two weeks, starting from midnight on 30 October.

Our membership forms and renewals will be switched off during this period to enable the transfer of membership data to our new system. Please note: there are no events due to be open for entries during this time.

As the new membership system launches, all members will receive an email inviting them to log on and verify their accounts – it is important that you do this.

The new system will mean that members can log on to their accounts to see their expiry dates, renew online, and see all family memberships gathered on one profile. A future stage of this project will involve integrating the new membership system with Clubserve, so that clubs are able to view details of their members, as well as linking to the existing event licensing portal used by event organisers.

 No more SO or SC numbers for officials and coaches

After the launch of the new system, all members will have an SA number, as follows:

  • If you currently have an SA (athlete) number, this will stay the same
  • If you currently have an SC (coach) or SO (officials) number and an SA number, you will in future use only your SA number
  • If you currently have only an SC or SO number, you will be given a new SA number

scottishathletics membership numbers will now become a six-digit number – with a 0 added to the start (so SA12345 becomes SA012345).

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