Scottish Women in Sport awards recognise athletics, jogscotland

Tuesday 8th November 2022

Laura Muir and Eilish McColgan are short-listed for the Scottish Sportswoman of the Year title (photos by Bobby Gavin)

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Awards season is well and truly with us and Scottish Women in Sport are gearing up for their big night for the first time for a couple of years.

And we are thrilled to highlight very significant representation for athletics โ€“ and for jogscotland โ€“ for the SWiS Awards.

In fact, we make there are nominations for athletics in Scotland and/or jogscotland across no fewer than seven of the 10 categories!

The SWiS Awards will be presented at a Dinner in Glasgow on Friday 18 November – with the final three for each category still to be announced.

Leading the way for our nominees are Eilish McColgan and Laura Muir for the prestigious Scottish Sportswoman of the Year award.

In addition, there are coveted short-list places for Elaine Wylie of the Daily Mile, jogscotland’s #MenopauseFriendly campaign, Sophie Allan, Ruth Watson, jogscotland comms, Samantha Kinghorn, Melanie Woods, Pitreavie AAC and Alison Grey.

Hereโ€™s the list of our nominees and the categories . . .

Scottish Sportswoman of the Year:

Eilish McColgan and Laura Muir

SWiS Inspiration in Sport:

Elaine Wylie (The Daily Mile), jogscotland Menopause Friendly campaign

Scottish Club Volunteer of the Year:

Sophie Allan of Pitreavie AAC, SAL Official; Ruth Watson of Aberdeen AAC

Recast Media Award:

jogscotland Menopause Friendly campaign

Para Athlete of the Year:

Samantha Kinghorn, Melanie Woods

MG Alba Sporting Champions:

Pitreavie AAC

Frame Coach of the Year

Alison Grey

Pitreavie AAC are short-listed in the SWis Awards for the MG Alba Sporting Champions (club of the year) accolade (photo by Bobby Gavin).


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