Membership FAQs

This page should help you find answers to the most frequently asked questions around membership. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact our membership administrator, Carol Robison.


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How do I become a scottishathletics member?

Read our Membership page for information on the different types of membership available, then visit our User Portal to join. Click ‘Register’ at the top of the page and fill in the form.  This will set up your membership and create your unique customer portal account.

How do I log in to my customer portal?

Visit our User Portal, click on ‘Sign in’ at the top of the page then enter Your UserName and Password. If you have any issues, scroll down to the FAQ section UserName and Password.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Visit our User Portal, click on ‘Sign in’ at the top of the page then click on Forgot Password? displayed under the Sign In button.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my UserName?

Usually it is your email address. Try this first, then contact if that doesn’t work.

How do I change my password once I’ve logged in?

Click on Manage My Account and then click on Change Password from the menu:

When I log in using my phone I can’t seem to renew

Turn phone horizontally and all renewal boxes should show up.  Also look out for phones creating capital letters when entering your UserName and Password as Login details are case sensitive.

Do I receive a membership card when I join?

No, instead you will receive an email confirming your membership type, the dates of membership and further information about scottishathletics. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes of completing the joining process, please check your junk folder.

As a parent can I add multiple existing members on to the same login?

Contact  to add existing scottishathletics members to the same login.

Can I create a new membership for a family member when I log into my portal?

Yes, download our Add a new Membership guide for details (.pdf).

How do I renew my membership?

You will receive an email reminder 21 days before your membership expires. If you have not renewed, you will receive a further reminder on the day of expiry, and another and 21 days after expiry.

Just click on the link in one of these emails and follow the instructions. You can also go directly to the User Portal and log in to renew your membership.

If you have any problems logging in to renew, please contact

I renewed my child’s membership and it said they were under 21 but they are only under 15

Our membership age groups are not related to competing age groups. We have two different price bands for junior membership – under 13s and under 21s.


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Where can I find my nearest club?

By searching on our Club Finder.

Can I change my club on my membership profile?

No. There is a change of club process which must be completed.  Please download our Change of Club Form for details. Contact for any queries.

Can I be a member of more than one second claim club?

Yes, but your profile will only record the main one. Contact to have the details updated.


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Do I need to join scottishathletics to take part in the championship events?

To take part in championship events, you may either:

  • Join an affiliated club and join scottishathletics.
  • For one year, you may compete as an Unattached member of scottishathletics. After that first year, you must then join an affiliated club if you wish to take part in Championship Events for Track & Field and Cross Country. Once you have joined an affiliated club, you cannot return to  Unattached status for competition purposes.
How do I enter events?

Log in to your  User Portal then scroll down and click on Fixture Calendar. Click on the event you wish to enter and follow the instructions from there.

I would like to add a spectator to my account

Download our Add a Spectator Membership guide for instructions (.pdf)


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What are the benefits of scottishathletics membership?

Benefits include:

  • Eligibility to compete in Championship competition
  • Eligibility for representative competition including Scottish internationals
  • Eligibility for squad membership
  • Public liability insurance on the UKA master poli[cy which has a £20 million cover and a claims history going back more than a decade
  • £2 discount on entry fees for all open scottishathletics licensed road, mountain, trail and cross country races.

For a full list of benefits see our Membership pages

Keeping in touch

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How do I contact scottishathletics staff?

Contact details are on our Staff page.

How can I keep up-to-date with information from scottishathletics?

As well as visiting the News section of our website, you can follow us on social media:

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