Revamped! Lindsays Trophy now splits clubs into three divisions

Thursday 19th October 2023

Giffnock North due Duncan Robinson and Hannah Ryding celebrate with the Lindsays Trophy after the club’s success in 2022-23 (photo by Bobby Gavin)

2023-24 LindsaysTrophy Three Divisions

scottishathletics and our sponsors Lindsays are pleased to announce a new model for the Lindsays Trophy – to help drive participation in national events.

The Lindsays Trophy was introduced from the inception of the sponsorship agreement which is now moving into a tenth season and will culminate at Falkirk next February.

Galvanising clubs to persuade their members to compete and finish at three national events over the season was the clear goal.

And it has been pleasing to see the number of clubs with at least one representative at three national events to rise way over 100 clubs – with 11 last year having more than 100 finishers.

Now, however, and following a review, we are creating the Lindsays Trophies with three divisions in order to enable clubs of a similar size or turnout rate to ‘compete’ against each other.

Based on last year’s finisher numbers, we will now have:

Division A – 20 clubs

Division B – 20 Clubs

Division C  – The rest (around 60+ clubs).

Lindsays have kindly agreed to supply us with trophies for Division B and Division C. The original trophy will still be awarded to our Division A winners.

We also propose to publicise a 1-2-3 podium in each division with nine clubs thus receiving credit.

With the numbers for Cumbernauld, Lanark and Falkirk assessed at the end of the season, there will also be a promotion/relegation element.

Clubs who increase their finisher numbers over the three national events each season can thus move up and down our three divisions. We intend it to be ‘four up, four down’.

Thank you to Lindsays for their support on this and good luck to all our clubs we work towards raising participation numbers.

This is the Lindsays Trophy from the first season it was awarded – back in 2015


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