‘Right culture is so important and Megan Keith is brilliant role model’ – Kelsey

Monday 20th May 2024

Photo by Bobby Gavin

Scotland to the fore! Four event wins at the Loughborough International

Kelsey Stewart believes creating the right culture within our sport can help maintain the current momentum for athletics in Scotland.

The Team Scotland and GB and Ni U23 international was named team Captain for the Loughborough International.

Kelsey addressed athletes (and staff) at the team meeting on Saturday evening and made a series of excellent points.

‘I wanted to try and inspire folk but also highlight there are highs and lows in this sport,’ said the Aberdeen AAC 400m runner who went close to Winter Olympic selection a couple of years ago after trying the bobsleigh.

‘I tried to create a team atmosphere, too. We should be looking to have the right culture in Scotland teams and in the sport here – supporting each other, helping each, together we are one type of ethos.

‘The beauty of the sport is that you can be on a real high one day and then a week later you have no idea where the (poor) performance came from. It is about learning that and coping with that and trying to keep improving steadily if you can.

‘Sometimes as a young athlete you can be put on a pedestal and you find yourself unprepared for something going wrong.

‘So athletes need to develop their skillset there and, collectively, I think we can all help with that, too. I think in many ways those who cope with that can go from being a good athlete into an absolutely great athlete.

‘I think there are good signs for the sport. The ones at the top set brilliant examples for younger ones to aspire to. Look at our top names like Laura and Jemma (and others) and what they are doing.

‘It is that realisation of what can be done. Younger ones see athletes who came through the grassroots system in Scotland and think ‘there’s no reason why I can’t try to do that, too.’

Magnifcent Megan! Brilliant Scot lands Olympic place

Megan Keith is a perfect example of what I am talking about. What she has achieved over the past two or three years is brilliant.

‘It has been about trusting the team around her (caoch Ross Cairns), trusting the process and taking advantage of opportunities on the pathway.

‘I think Megan can be a really strong role model for young athletes all across Scotland.’

Photo by James Rhodes


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