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Monday 6th April 2015

Grab the baton - youngsters from Kilmarnock Harriers

Kilmarnock Harriers – passing the baton to other clubs with great video promotion idea

Clubs are very much at the centre of so much which happens in athletics in Scotland and it has been great over the past couple of years to watch many grow and progress.

We’d like to think, of course, that scottishathletics have been highly influential in that area through a number of our programmes and events from Coach Development, National Championships to the Club Together project itself.

But, equally, on a weekly basis there are things happening at individual clubs which demonstrate real vision and reveal growth in our sport in a whole range of areas.

Let’s start with Kilmarnock Harriers and what doubtless began as a small video project but in fact is a superb promotional tool for the sport itself.

Following a connection with Doon Academy prior to the Commonwealth Games, the club opened up a link with aspiring film producer Craig Lowe and his team – who then offered to showcase the club via a short bit of footage.

We absolutely love the result and feel sure you will, too.

Track. Field. Cross Country. Road Running. Race Running. Para Athletics. Officials. Events. Poles. Bars. Hurdles. Javelins. Sandpits. Training.  You would not think all that could be covered in less than three minutes but it is all in there with music, a few graphics and colour to match.

Kilmarnock Harriers are very proud of their long heritage – they were formed in 1887 – but they are proving quite emphatically their progressive, forward-thinking approach.

The club website is one of the  better ones in Scotland and is well worth a visit.



Kilbarchan AAC are one of our larger clubs – and prominent most certainly on the endurance side – and it is interesting to see the emphasis being placed on helping with an athlete’s personal development.

Ever wondered why Kilbarchan are often well-represented at events in England like the Liverpool Cross Country races?

On the club website recently, there was advice for members on how to apply to receive support in areas such as physiotherapy costs and travel for events outside Scotland in order to try and develop athletes to their full potential

Kilbarchan say: ‘The club also has the flexibility to support unplanned events such as an International representative competition where the athlete is expected to contribute to the costs.’

It seems clear that one of the reasons why this kind of support is available through club funds is because Kilbarchan have recently gone through a process of re-organising their membership and subscription structure.

Check out the issue on their website and this may be something other clubs will feel they can follow – at whatever level is appropriate.



Club committee structures are of course crucial to keep your club developing and improving.

Garscube Harriers are on those featured on this website as an example of good practice in this regard.

The simple diagram online shows how responsibility for key areas is divided up, flowing down from a club chair at the top.

Garscube recently shared a ‘Club of the Year Award’ for Glasgow Sports clubs and some of their key personel are pictured with scottishathletics Honorary Chairman, Sir Menzies Campbell. The former Olympic sprinter is a Garscube member of the clubs.

There’s lots more info on club case studies





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