New club videos showcase good work happening at Garscube and Harmeny

Tuesday 28th November 2023

We’re always pleased to showcase the brilliant work of our clubs, and our YouTube Channel is the perfect place to do that.

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The latest additions are from Garscube Harriers and Harmeny AC, and were created with the help of Club Development Consultancy to showcase some of the best practice taking place at the grassroots of our sport.

In the Garscube Harriers video, featured above, club leaders talk about the 125 year history of the club, and the strength of belonging and friendship on which their ethos is based.

The visit to Harmeny AC, at Saughton Sports Complex in Edinburgh, covers the full range from its Run, Jump, Throw activities for younger athletes, through to the performance pathway.

Again, the club stresses the importance of friendship and social ties in making the club successful.

Head of Development David Fallon said: ‘So many of our clubs are doing great work on the ground throughout the year, and it’s good to be able to spotlight the commitment that goes into building a successful club.

‘It’s not just about the coaching and instruction – though of course that is key.

‘As both these videos show, it’s also about the supportive atmosphere and friendships that a club can create, that make members want to keep coming back. That creates the kind of club community which lasts for the long term.’

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