Officials courses in Glasgow; Edinburgh education event RED-S

Wednesday 8th January 2020


Officials courses

scottishathletics are always keen to hear from anyone who wants to come into the sport to help.

It is such an enjoyable way to contribute to athletics and it is important we have more folk coming through the system in order to help make events happen.

Our Officials made a huge effort throughout 2019 at events outdoors, indoors and in cross country and hill running and we’re pleased to say that early in 2020 there are a number of learning opportunities coming up.

Here are a number of courses coming soon in Glasgow:

Photo finish Officials

At the Emirates Arena in Glasgow

Starts: 25 January 2020


Track Officials

At the Emirates Arena in Glasgow

Starts: 26 January 2020


Endurance and Risk Awareness Officials

At the Emirates Arena in Glasgow

Starts: 2 February 2020


Timekeeping Officials

At the Emirates Arena

Starts: 8 February 2020


Field Officials

At the Emirates Arena in Glasgow

Starts: 8 March 2020


Spikes on track

Whether it’s elite sportsmen or recreational athletes, balancing training with health and well-being is crucial for optimising performance.

With Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) becoming an increasingly prominent issue within sport and dance, the relationship between training, fuelling and recovery is more important than ever.

Registered dietician Renee McGregor and sports endocrinologist Nicky McKeay are leading experts in this field, and are spreading awareness through their En:spire events.

Join the event at Edinburgh University on Wednesday 15 January to hear expertise and advice on optimising sporting success alongside physical and mental health.

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