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Tuesday 24th November 2015

Duncan Flockhart

New Coaches Qualify at Event Group Coach (EGC) (Level 3)

scottishathletics hosted four Integration days during November with a total of 27 coaches qualifying across the four Event Groups.

Coaches travelled from as far afield as Shetland to attend the final day of their qualification, with a wide range of clubs represented the days proved to be an engaging experience for all coaches.

The course focusses on a variety of areas including long term athlete development, planning, technical development and physical development of athletes, providing all coaches with the knowledge to enable them to develop athletes and athletics in their clubs.

The online sections of the course can take up to one year to complete, depending on the availability of coaches, and it is now planned that scottishathletics will run an Integration Day every year in November.

Feedback from those on the courses has been very positive with a number stating that the online content will prove invaluable to them going forward. Linked to the home learning, the final day allowed the coaches to develop their knowledge in planning to create a plan for their athletes.

Full details of how to take the EGC  can be found here –

The EGC programme has two components to it:

*An online learning component, which coaches can work their way through at their own pace. A thorough understanding of all the information presented online will ensure all candidates are at the same level and can get the most out of the second part of the programme.

To ensure all candidates study the material a short multiple choice test must be completed online at the end of every module.

*A single integration day during which coaches will come together to discuss how to integrate the information they have studied online into a training plan for an athlete at the event group development stage of the athlete development pathway

Tom Crick, course developer and lead tutor for the Integration Day said: ‘These qualifications and online learning are on a par with the old UKA Level 4 qualification.

‘The online content allows the coaches to learn at their own pace and in their own home. I have been impressed by the knowledge of the Scottish coaches, their engagement during these days has enhanced the learning of all coaches in attendance.

‘I look forward to visiting Scotland again and possibly working with the Scottish coaches.’

The EGC qualification is open to any coach with a UKA Level 2 or higher, Athletics Coach Qualified and Coach in Running Fitness (Endurance only). The online content costs £75 to access.

With thanks to Jim Goldie


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