Groups urged to apply for grants from the ATS Transforming Lives programme

Friday 4th August 2023

ATS Grant Fund Process

Athletics Trust Scotland are delighted to launch the Transforming Lives Grant programme for organisations that support those in the sport who are in need.

The Trust are looking to help those in need for reasons of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

The TLG programme has been created to offer assistance to groups who are seeking a direct fund to support the costs such as a hardship fund, athletics equipment, start-up kit for children, coaching fees etc.

ATS will provide grants of £250-£1,000 to grassroots organisations, clubs, groups and charities whose work is supporting those in athletics and running.

In line with the Transforming Lives Project, the Trustees will favour those supporting people in low income, who have a disability or those from ethnically and culturally diverse communities.

This amount has been allocated based on our budget approved by the Athletics Trust Scotland Board of Trustees

Transforming Lives Grants – Athletics Trust Scotland

We are open for applications until 5pm on Monday 11 September 2023


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