Grangemouth update: Why we’ve asked consultants to study costs

Saturday 9th December 2023

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‘We’re still looking for Grangemouth rescue package’ – David Ovens (June 2023)

scottishathletics have commissioned independent consultants to assess the costs of saving Grangemouth.

The future of the facility, a key venue for the local clubs and track and field in Scotland, is under threat via projected closures and cuts by owners Falkirk Council.

Talks by a number of parties have been on-going over the past few months and scottishathletics are driving forward efforts to explore possible solutions.

Now, with that firmly in mind, we have asked consultants to conduct a strategic review of the Grangemouth Stadium operations, and potential future viable operating models.

 It is hoped this feedback and data will help in the decision-making process in due course.

Repair costs – both historic (at what is already an old venue) and on-going on an annual basis – are other significant concerns for all those seeking solutions.

Our concerns over Falkirk Council plans for Grangemouth

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Myself and the Board remain extremely concerned about the future of Grangemouth, which has had and continues to have, such an integral role to play in athletics in Scotland,’ said Colin Hutchison, our chief executive.

It’s a key venue for local clubs, for training, for competition, for National Championships and as a venue for education of Officials and coaches.

‘We’ve had to take the lead on assessing viable options to keep the stadium open and athletics happening at Grangemouth.

‘The consultants will help with that by talking to all the stake-holders involved including the local clubs.

‘They will look at, firstly, the operations of the venue and possible cost-savings in that area. Secondly they will look at possible ways to generate new income. Thirdly, they will look at potential future models for a viable facility.

‘We need that information to assess the viability of Grangemouth Stadium remaining open as an athletics venue protecting the future of the local clubs (Falkirk Victoria Harriers and Forth Valley Flyers) and supporting local, regional and national competition and training.

‘As things stand, we have scheduled our 2024 outdoor 4J Age Group Champs and our 4J Senior/U17 Champs – our two main summer weekends in track and field – for Grangemouth next August and are very much looking forward to those.

‘However, there remains a real threat that the venue could close in 2025 unless a suitable rescue package can be agreed.’

Colin Hutchison


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