‘We’re still fighting to find Grangemouth rescue package’ – David Ovens

Sunday 18th June 2023

scottishathletics remain firmly committed to exploring all options in a bid to rescue the Grangemouth track and field facility.

Discussions with a number of parties, including owners Falkirk Council, are very much on-going over the future of a venue many regard as the current home of track and field in Scotland

And our Chair, David Ovens, has insisted he feels there may be viable financial options to keep Grangemouth open for many years to come.

David also revealed that Ineos, significant employers in Grangemouth and who are near neighbours to the stadium, are involved in discussions about a potential rescue package.

‘There has been a lot of speculation about the future of Grangemouth and I just want to say that we are very much at the heart of those discussions with Falkirk Council,’ said David, in our special video interview to update our members.

‘I want to reassure the sport we are lobbying on this – we are speaking to Falkirk Council, to sportscotland, other strategic partners and even Ineos, a  major employer in the are and who neighbour the facility at Grangemouth.

‘We are determined to try and come up with a plan that sees Grangemouth stadium remain open for many years to come.

‘It is one of the most important facilities in Scotland.

‘We simply can’t afford to lose it. The Scottish Schools were there recently for two days at national level but there are a whole range of regional schools events held there. We have the Schools International there over the summer.

‘For so many young athletes across Scotland it is a place where they start their athletics journey.

‘It’s the foremost venue for Para athletics, too, and of course our Senior and U17 Champs are there in August. And then you have league meetings and club activity as well.

‘Half the population in Scotland can get there in an hour so that’s why its central location is key. It is a big asset for our sport.

‘We do have some time here to work something through.

‘It is deemed a ‘Phase Three’ asset by Falkirk Council at the moment and that means if a solution cannot be found then it would close in April 2026.

‘So essentially we have three years to come up with plans or solutions but clearly that work has to be put in now.

‘We have been receiving financial information from the Council to give us a better picture. We need to know the scale of the challenge we need to overcome.

‘It is daunting, yes, but looking at it I am encouraged that there is possibly a business plan there which could be viable.’

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