Clubs: Enter now for Tru Wealth National Road Relays at Livingston

Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Photo by Bobby Gavin

Clubs – Enter here for Livingston

The Tru Wealth National Road Relays are coming back later this month – after a three-year absence.

Races in Livingston had to be cancelled at short notice when Covid broke out in March 2020 and unfortunately there was no event last year, either.

So we are really looking forward to the return of the Six and Four Stage National Road Relays with support for these events from Tru Wealth.

This event is open to U20/Senior/Masters athletes and there are championship categories in older age groups, too.

Entries are through the club portal and we need those by Thursday 10 March.

Action from the 2019 event at Livingston (photo by Bobby Gavin)


New Entry Process for 2022:

Clubs are required to separately enter in advance any Masters teams from Senior teams.

This is to simplify the registration process for team managers on the day and to aid the identification of Masters teams during the event.

Championship Races:

Senior Men 6 Stage Relay

M40+ 6 Stage Relay

M50+ 4 Stage Relay

Senior Women 4 Stage Relay

W40+ 4 Stage Relay

W50+ 3 Stage Relay

Important Information for Team Entries: 

*Athletes who compete in a scottishathletics championship MUST be current members of scottishathletics on the day of the race at the point of entry.

Athletes with an expired or expiring membership on the day of the race will not be eligible for selection. Athletes without a valid membership or out of date membership cannot be added after the closing date.

*All Masters teams must be entered in advance. Thus a team cannot become a Masters team on the day of the event.

*Any registered athlete will be eligible for selection in teams of a younger age range.

*An athlete may only represent one team in competition.

Clubs – Enter here for Livingston


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