‘Para athletes left in limbo over Paris 2024 decisions’ – Pamela Robson

Saturday 11th December 2021

Gavin Drysdale in action in FrameRunning (also known as RaceRunning) at our National Champs in 2019 (photo by Bobby Gavin)

UK Athletics website update

scottishathletics has supported fully requests from UK Athletics for more information following recent key decisions around the 2024 Paralympics in Paris.

FrameRunning, which was started here in Scotland, has been excluded from the programme by World Para Athletics and the International Paralympic Committee.

And there are implications for other top Scottish Para athletes with their events also now removed from the medal programme – such as T46 marathon runner Derek Rae and F51 thrower Jo Butterfield.

scottishathletics has reiterated our support for Para athletes in Scotland at various ages and stages and is committed to an inclusive approach.

Up to now, UK Athletics have received an unsatisfactory response on the issue from the World Para Athletics.

See story here

‘It’s so disappointing for our Para athletes and coaches who work so hard at their sport,’ said Pamela Robson, our National Disability Pathway Officer.

‘There seems to be no appeals process and no clarity yet about whether their events will be in the World Champs. Athletes and coaches are being left in limbo right now.’

Pamela Robson conducts a Round Table discussion at our Clubs Conference (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Colin Hutchison, chief executive of scottishathletics, said: ‘We’ve been supporting UK Athletics in appeals for clarity and further responses from those making these decisions.

‘Para sport by its nature evolves and we do feel there’s a great opportunity here for FrameRunning.

‘Whatever happens, we will continue to offer as much support as we can to FrameRunners in Scotland and we’ve developed that in recent times via competition opportunities and a prize fund at our Senior Outdoor Champs.

‘We also stand firmly alongside athletes in other categories, too, and are talking with athletes and coaches.’

scottishathletics have supported Para athletes competing at our National Senior Champs via a special prize pot – awarded here in 2019 to Gavin Drysdale, Kayleigh Haggo and Hannah Dines


On a much brighter note, it was brilliant to see the inspirational commitment and dedication of Richard Brickley rewarded in a UK-wide context.

The man who has led Disability Sport Fife for many years has been recognised by UK Coaching in their recent awards.

These awards are across all sports so it was fantastic to learn of a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for Richard.

UK Coaching said: ‘Richard has been recognised for his service to participants with disabilities, having worked for over 40 years to give disabled people the best experience in physical activity and sport.’

Well done Richard.



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