Equality Guidance issued to our clubs

Tuesday 28th September 2021

Equality Guidance for clubs

Athletics is, and will continue to be, the most inclusive and popular sport in Scotland.

To ensure this continues, we need to operate in a way that reflects our values and recognises the role we play in Scottish society. We will continue to develop these values to ensure that equality and inclusivity remain at the heart of our activities.

To that end, we’ve issued our Equality Guidance document to clubs at the start of National Inclusion Week.

scottishathletics has been a leader in this area, not just within sport, but within the wider world. We will continue to strive to be as reflective of Scottish society as we can be, with the resources we have at our disposal.

Our aim is to produce an inclusive and integrated system for athletes, clubs, coaches, officials, volunteers and administrators.

If we all work together to ‘Build a Culture of Success’, then, undoubtedly, we will create an adaptable model of athletics provision that inspires every community in Scotland to enjoy athletics and running.

Equality section on this site

The Board of scottishathletics plays an essential role in ensuring that the organisation is advancing equality for its members and staff.

The Board provides a clear leadership to the staff and the wider sport by setting the strategy, being in a key position to question, challenge and hold the sport to account on what progress it is making on delivering equality.

Equality and Diversity are fundamental to the organisation providing the environment, learning and coaching, support and culture that will enable all of its members and staff to excel, and the Board to achieve its objectives.

It is very much the opinion of the Board that a diverse governing body provides diversity of expertise and insights and robust decision-making that result in embedding equality in the organisation’s mission, strategy and culture.

scottishathletics will continually strive to improve the diversity of our sport and fully understand that this is an ongoing process. By 2026, the end of our current strategic cycle, we will aim to:

  • Be more representative of the Scottish Population across staff, voluntary roles and in our clubs
  • Maintain the Advanced Level of the Equality Standard for Sport and address any gaps and priorities from the gap analysis
  • Be the most forward-thinking and inclusive sport in the UK
  • Continue to be a key advocate for equality beyond Scotland

scottishathletics is committed to working closely in partnership with our Equality and Diversity Advisory Group and the key equality partners to ensure that we all continue to work towards a balanced and representative sport.

Equality Report FINAL (flippingbook.com)

With thanks to Francesca Snitjer

Francesca Snitjer (photo by Bobby Gavin)

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