#SALParaPower! Event schedule for nine Scots at the Paralympics

Saturday 28th August 2021

Paralympics countdown: Libby’s last act on track and Mel looks ahead

The stage is set in Tokyo for the Paralympic Games – with the action having already started across this multi-sport event.

Now the final countdown is on to the start of the tack and field action for Team GB.

It’s brilliant to have no fewer than nine Scottish athletes out in Japan with the British team and we know excitement is rising across our community to watch and support our #SALParaPower.

Maria Lyle opens up in terms of the Scots in the T11 100m heats (through the night from Thursday to Friday) and Derek Rae is the last of our cohort to compete with his T46 Marathon coming up on saturday 5 September.

We send our good luck wishes to all the athletes in Japan and reiterate our congratulations to them and their coaches, families and clubs on their selection for the Paralympics.

Below we’ve listed event times for the Scots – with potential semis and finals in brackets (times given are our time):

Friday 27 August

2:00:  Women’s T35 100m Heats: Maria Lyle

(5:27: Women’s T35 100m Final: Maria Lyle)

Saturday 28 August

2:28: Women’s T64 Long Jump Final: Stef Reid

Sunday 29 August

2:36: Women’s T53 800m Heats: Sammi Kinghorn

2:57: Women’s T54 800m Heats: Mel Woods

(11:04: Women’s T53 800m Final: Sammi Kinghorn)

(11.17: Women’s T54 800m Final: Mel Woods)

11.44: Women’s T35 200m Final: Maria Lyle

Sammi Kinghorn training at home during lockdown in 2020

Monday 30 August

2:43: Men’s T34 100m Final: Ben Rowlings

Wednesday 1 September

12:37: Women’s T53 100m Final: Sammi Kinghorn

Thursday 2 September

2:02: Women’s T11 200m Heats: Libby Clegg (and Chris Clarke)

4:42: Women’s T54 400m Heats: Mel Woods

11:41 Women’s T53 400m Final: Sammi Kinghorn

(11:52: Women’s T54 400m Final: Mel Woods)

Maria Lyle in training at the holding camp in Japan (photo via British Athletics Twitter)

Friday 3 September

1:39: Women’s T11 200m Semi-finals: Libby Clegg (and Chris Clarke))

2:13: Men’s T20 1500m Final: Owen Miller

3:29: Men’s T54 800m Heats: Ben Rowlings

4:10: 4x100m Universal Relay Heats

11:25: Women’s F51 Club Throw Final: Jo Butterfield

(13:17: 4x100m Universal Relay Final)

Saturday 4 September

(1:55: Men’s T34 800m Final: Ben Rowlings)

(11:29: Women’s T11 200m Final: Libby Clegg (Chris Clarke)

22:50: Men’s T46 Marathon: Derek Rae

Derek Rae on a training camp run in Japan (photo via Twitter)

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