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Saturday 21st August 2021

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scottishathletics are committed to recognising and rewarding the dedication, commitment and success of coaches, officials and volunteers.

And we are now looking for your support for this via nominations for the 4J Studios 2021 Annual Awards.

Last year, we created a virtual Awards Night but we are delighted to confirm we are making plans for the 2021 Annual Dinner event to be held in Glasgow on Saturday 9 October.

4J Awards Dinner to be held in October

Our Awards have been in existence for a number of years recognising over 100 clubs, coaches, and volunteers.

We would ask all those keen to make suggestions to us to look at the various categories below and then complete the form:

4J Studios 2021 Annual Awards form 


4J Studios Impact Club of the Year

In recognition of the great work that is going on in athletics clubs across Scotland this Award recognises the club that has made a major impact over the last 12 months.

The Award recognises growth and/or retention of members, recruitment and development of volunteers and coaches, organisation and delivery of the club’s business, development initiatives and wider community impact.

Janice Eaglesham MBE Para Development Club of the Year

Awarded for the first time in 2020, this Award recognises innovation shown by clubs to develop athletics provision for, and the performances of, athletes with a disability.

This year, the Award will also pay attention to the work done by clubs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nominations should focus on the work done by clubs and their volunteers/staff to develop opportunities for, and retain, participants with a disability in athletics.

Track and Field Club of the Year

This Award will recognise the club that:

• Has shown development in track and field events.

• Meets the needs of all athletes at every age and stage of their development.

• Has performed well across the year and/or shown a strong improvement in performances.

• Demonstrates an innovative approach to competition, supporting their athletes in gaining experience in
track and field.


Perth Strathtay Harriers coach Alan Erickson won our Club Coach of the Year award in 2020 (photo via Richard Wilkins of Perthshire Advertiser)


The coach awards are split to recognise the expertise of coaches working at every stage of the athletes’ development.

The coach award open for nomination is:

4J Studios Community Club Coach of the Year

This award recognises the contribution of the thousands of coaches delivering regular training sessions in our member clubs. It applies to coaches working with athletes across all age groups and this year can also highlight the work of the coach during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nominations should focus on all or some of the following:

• The role that this coach has played in supporting the engagement, retention and progression of athletes
within the club.

• Any coaching work that they have done in the wider community to promote the club and the sport.

• Their commitment to developing themselves to support the athlete(s) that they are working with in the club.

• Anything that you feel sets them aside from other community club coaches in Scotland.

NOTE: Only coaches who are members of scottishathletics and who are suitably licensed by UKA will be eligible for this award.


How we covered last year’s virtual Awards celebration in PB magazine 


4J Studios Volunteer of the Year

This award allows us to reflect on the great impact of the thousands of volunteers that contribute to the development of athletics clubs in Scotland every year and recognise one individual as our Volunteer of the Year.

This year, we are particularly interested in hearing about the work of volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep athletes active and to engage them with their club and/or the sport.

Nominations should outline the reasons why you think the individual has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the sport and the club, and what you believe they have done to set them apart from all other volunteers in athletics in Scotland.


Diane Ramsay won our Technical Official of the Year award in 2020


4J Studios Technical Official of the Year

Behind every performance there is an Official, this award recognises the large number of people that are involved in the delivery of competition at all levels of our sport and the people within clubs.

This year, we will also consider the contribution of officials during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Officials have played a crucial role in supporting the wider network of officials and assisting in the delivery of our virtual events series.

NOTE: Only technical Officials who are members of scottishathletics and who are suitably licensed by UKA will be eligible for this category of award.



4J Studios Innovation Award

This special award, first introduced in 2020, will continue in 2021 to recognise the innovative approach shown across the sport to engage athletes, clubs, and volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There has been a fantastic response to the pandemic across the athletics community in Scotland and our awards sponsors at 4J Studios want to recognise some of this work through the Innovation Award.

This Award is open to nominate an individual (e.g. club administrator or coach), a club or an event organiser. Nominations should focus on the period from 1 October 2020 and highlight the inventive approach taken by the nominee to help deliver athletics during the pandemic.


Nominations for Athlete of the Year, Performance Coach of the Year and Development Coach of the Year are closed nominations, chosen by the relevant selection committees.

Please use a separate form in each category.

Nominate here 

Deadline for nominations is midnight on Monday 23 August




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