Sarah sets sights on GB marathon trial . . . and Steph and Robbie too

Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Sarah crosses the line in Arizona and realises how close she was to GB Olympic standard (photo courtesy of Justin Britton)

Robbie Simpson looks ahead to Kew Gardens – BBC Scotland report

Sarah Inglis is London-bound this week for the GB and NI Olympic marathon trial – as she seeks to take her athletics journey to Scotland to Japan via Canada.

A member of Lothian Running Club now for fully 20 years, the British Columbia based teacher is looking forward to Friday’s selection showdown at Kew Gardens.

Inglis went within 11 seconds of the 2:29.30 standard being asked for by British Athletica and, like fellow Scots Steph Davis and Robbie Simpson, will toe the line in London ready to give it her best shot.

‘The preparations have been good and the training has gone well over the past two or three months,’ said Sarah.

‘I think it has been better than a few months ago prior to my debut for the marathon in Arizona in December.

‘That was a real learning curve for myself and my coach (Mark Bomba). This time I knew what to expect in terms of the volume, the high mileage, the really long runs.

‘I have something to compare against and the times have been improving – maybe I can go 11 seconds quicker!’

Derek and Steph to miss out on GB Olympic marathon trial 

‘I heard about the possibility of Arizona towards the end of September and the timing was right.

‘Other events and races were falling and I realised this might be my only opportunity to get out there and get my first marathon under my belt.

‘It was all set up really well with pace-makers and a flat course – hopefully to similar to Kew Gardens in London will be.

‘In some ways I was gutted to miss the Olympic standard but in other ways I was really pleased – the bottom line is I had never run 26 miles previously.’

*As well as Olympic places, the Scots involved can post qualifying standards for the Commonwealth Games at Birmingham 2022 if they hit certain times:

Men 2:15.12

Women 2:36.49

Team Scotland Commonwealth Games selection documents


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