Support system: SportsAid Scotland award 21 grants for 2021

Wednesday 17th March 2021

Reuben Nairne is among 21 young Scots to receive important grant funding from SportsAid Scotland (photo by Bobby Gavin)

SportsAid Scotland website

SportsAid Scotland have handed out a significant windfall to the nation’s best young sporting talent – and we are delighted there are no fewer than 21 recipients from athletics.

GB and NI age group internationals like Erin Wallace, Howard Bell, Sarah Calvert, Kane Elliott, Cera Gemmell, Megan Keith, Alisha Rees, Eloise Walker and Alessandro Schenini are on the list.

The charity – which has backed the likes of Sir Chris Hoy and Katherine Grainger in the past – will issue the grants to 270 individuals from 32 sports, with around £140,000 disbursed in total.

It represents significant support for 2021 to maintain the backing of Scotland’s future Olympic and Commonwealth Games’ athletes.

The individual awards range from £300 to £1,000 and will provide youngsters with the springboard to get to the next level.

SportsAid Scotland is indebted to its long-term backers the Robertson Trust, the Moffat Trust and the David Stevenson Trust for providing the vast majority of the funding.

Howard Bell in action at Meadowmill last summer (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Here’s a list of the athletes with the source of their grant and their Scottish club:

Alyson Bell (Robertson Trust) Giffnock North AC

Howard Bell (Robertson Trust) Kilbarchan AAC

Scott Brindley (Robertson Trust) North Ayrshire AC

Isla Calvert (Robertson Trust) Livingston AC

Sarah Calvert (Robertson Trust) Livingston AC

Kirsty Costello (Robertson Trust) Kilbarchan AAC

Kane Elliott (Robertson Trust) Falkirk Victoria Harriers

Cera Gemmell, Megan Keith and Eloise Walker are all among the SportsAid Scotland recipients (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Joe Ewing (Robertson Trust) Edinburgh AC

Cera Gemmell (Robertson Trust) Team East Lothian

Anna Hedley (Robertson Trust) Fife AC

Hamish Hickey (Robertson Trust) Central AC

Katie Johnson (Robertson Trust) Edinburgh AC

Megan Keith (Robertson Trust) Inverness Harriers

Alisha Rees (Robertson Trust) Edinburgh AC

Alessandro Schenini (Robertson Trust) Giffnock North AC

Alyson Bell . . . Giffnock North AC athlete is among 21 recipients of SportsAid grants (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Henry Clarkson (Stevenson Trust) Lasswade AC

Murray Fotheringham (Stevenson Trust) Giffnock North AC

Reuben Nairne (Stevenson Trust) Giffnock North AC

Carmen Neat (Stevenson Trust) Aberdeen AAC

Erin Wallace  (SportsAid London) Giffnock North AC

Eloise Walker (SportsAid London) Edinburgh AC

*NOTE: We are expecting details on Para recipients of SportsAid Scotland support over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space.


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