SportsAid Scotland lend support to 16 athletes via grants

Saturday 18th March 2023

Eloise Walker (left) and Erin Wallace (right) are among SportsAid Scotland grant recipients (also pictured: Jenny Selman)

It’s always pleasing to hear about grant support for Scottish athletes from various agencies.

We recently covered off awards via the Ron Pickering Memorial Fund and SportsAid Scotland is another along similar lines who offer valuable assistance.

This year, there are 16 Scots benefiting via the Robertson Trust and the Stevenson Trust.

The recipients are listed below and we wish them well in their athletics over 2023 working with their coaches, families and clubs.

Georgina Adam, Robertson Trust

Alyson Bell, Stevenson Trust

Corey Campbell,  Robertson Trust

Kane Elliott, Stevenson Trust

Murray Fotheringham, Stevenson Trust

Ben Heron, Robertson Trust

Megan Keith, Robertson Trust

Amy Kennedy, Stevenson Trust

Meghan Porterfield, Robertson Trust

Tendai Nyabadza, Robertson Trust

Dean Patterson,  Stevenson Trust 

Jack Patton, Robertson Trust

Oliver Patton, Robertson Trust

Sarah Tait, Robertson Trust

Eloise Walker, Robertson Trust

Erin Wallace, Stevenson Trust

SportsAid Scotland awards 2022

Amy Kennedy of Cumbernauld AAC (above) and Dean Patterson of Glasgow School of Sport (below) are among the recipients (photos by Bobby Gavin)

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