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Sunday 7th March 2021

UKA Membership – letter to clubs

scottishathletics and the other three Home Country Athletics Federations (HCAFs) and UK Athletics announced back in November the launch of a new 12-year strategy for the sport across the whole of the UK.

Alongside this new strategy, reflecting a shared commitment to a collaborative approach, the five organisations have established a new governance and engagement framework that includes new approaches to working across the organisations to develop athletics across the UK.

As part of the changes to governance, the UK Athletics Annual General Meeting on 11 December 2020 passed several resolutions to amend the Articles of Association to enable each HCAF to nominate a director to the UK Athletics Board.

Athletics Unified! New 12-year strategy for the sport in Britain

This change has now been implemented giving the Board of scottishathletics the ability to appoint a director to the Board of UK Athletics and our current Chair, Ian Beattie, has assumed that role until later in 2021.

It was also agreed in December that detailed proposals would be formulated to enable formal consultation with the sport on the future formal membership structure of UK Athletics, as well as whether to have a ‘Council’ and if so its role and constitution.

scottishathletics have worked with the other Home Country Athletics Federations and UKA to prepare the consultation paper and set out the options for the future formal membership structure.

The Board of scottishathletics have reviewed the options and set out, within the consultation paper, its preferred position to best represent the interests of athletics in Scotland at UK level.

We are keen to hear any feedback and particularly on the proposed position of our Board.

Any registered SAL member athlete, coach or Official can email any comments to us via

We would like to have those responses by Friday 9 April 2021 please.

Ian Beattie . . . the scottishathletics Chair now sits on the UK Athletics Board (picture via Lindsays)


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