ENTER NOW for Lindsays Virtual Road Challenge Jan 29 – Feb 1

Friday 15th January 2021


Entries have opened for the next Lindsays Virtual Road Challenge event coming up from scottishathletics.

It will happen at the end of this month with the four-day competition window running from Friday 29 January through to Monday 1 February.

Performances will then need to be submitted to us by 12 noon on Tuesday 2 February for the usual scrutiny by our Endurance Officials.

We’re open for entries for athletes for all ages from U11 through to Seniors and Masters with those age groups based on the 2020-21 Road/Cross Country competition year.

The distances are geared to work for each age and stage but we have created a half marathon option this time for U20, Seniors and Masters athletes.

U11: 1.5km

U13: 3km

U15: 4km

U17: 5km

U20: 6km or half marathon

Seniors/Masters: 8km or half marathon

Event Section page with more key information

Performances should be submitted online by the athlete taking part and state time elapsed.

Athletes in the U15 age group and above are expected to provide a Garmin/Strava link to their run as proof of their performance.

Athletes in the U11 and U13 age groups do not need to provide this but should complete their runs within an organised club training session under the supervision of a UKA qualified coach.

Athletes must make their runs PUBLIC on their Garmin/Strava profile to allow results scrutiny.

Thanks to all members, coaches and clubs for your support of these Lindsays Virtual Road Challenge events. It is much appreciated.

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