Throws Grand Prix for 2018

Friday 23rd March 2018

Enter now for Inverness of April 7

The scottishathletics Throws Grand Prix is back for the summer of 2018 and this year will form part of our new Event Specific Series for track and field.

There will be four events in the Throws GP series with the first one at Inverness and three thereafter across the summer season at Craigswood in Livingston.

It’s been a popular format in the past couple of years and includes Hammerama as well as IPC throws events for our Para throwing community.

scotttishathletics is very much in favour of the Event Specific model, with the Throws GP and GAA Miler Meets having led the way on this in recent years, and we are now looking for support from athletes, coaches and clubs for the four events.

GP1 Saturday 7 April, Inverness

GP2 Saturday 19 May, Livingston

GP3 Saturday 23 June, Livingston

GP4 Saturday 8 September, Livingston

With the first event coming up soon, we are already taking entries online for Inverness on Saturday 7 April.

Entries are £5 per event and will close nine days prior to each fixture.


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