Scotland U18/U16 selections for Celtic Games

Friday 21st July 2017

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Scotland will face Wales and Ireland in the Celtic Games in Dublin on Saturday 5 August – in the annual U18 and U16 match.

And we’re delighted to now confirm the Scotland selections for those age groups for this exciting track and field opportunity.

Celtic Games Head coach, Mark Pollard, has urged them to take their chance in what for many will be the first step on the ladder of international competition.

As is usual for the Celtic Games match, it was one athlete per event at both U18 and U16 age groups with recent form taken into account in the selection process. As is also the norm with the Celtic Games, only certain events are scheduled at U16 age group, hence a smaller team there.

‘I’d like to wish all our athletes all the best for the annual match coming up in Ireland,’ said Mark.

‘We always regard this event as a development opportunity and one that gives those involved the chance to compete at international level in their teens. Ideally, it prepares those involved for future opportunties with Scotland and GB and NI when they become U20 athletes and Seniors.

‘Looking back over the years a whole host of our established names – now heading for the World Champs – will recall the Celtic Games as their first taste of international athletics at U16 or U18 level.’

Congratulations to all those picked and their families, coaches and clubs on being asked to compete in the Celtic Games 2017 event for Scotland.

U18 Men:

100m Adam Clayton; 200m Fraser Angus; 400m Max Leslie; 800m Seumas Mackay; 1500m Sam Brown; 3000m Adam Scott; 110m Hurdles Joel McFarlane; 400m Hurdles Michael Dunne; 2000m steeplechase Magnus Tait.

Long Jump Alessandro Schenini; Triple Jump Aidan Quinn; High Jump Joel McFarlane; Pole Vault Andrew McFarlane; Shot Putt Ben Wightman; Discus Finbar Dunne; Javelin Ruairidh Scott-Brown; Hammer Samuel Briggs.

4 x 100m Relay Clayton, Angus, Quinn, Joel McFarlane, Schenini; 4 x 400m Relay Leslie, Dunne, Mackay, Brown, Scott

U18 Women:

100m Madeleine Silcock; 200m Lauren Greig; 400m Olivia Varielle; 800m Sarah Calvert; 1500m Lauren Dickson; 3000m Naomi Lang; 100m Hurdles Bethany McAndrew; 400m Hurdles Emma Mailer; 1500m steeplechase Sarah Tait.

Long Jump Alix Still; Triple Jump Bryony Patterson; High Jump Claire McGarvey; Pole Vault Alana Dunsmore; Shot Putt Shona Crossan; Discus Alice Baxendale; Javelin Keira Waddell; Hammer Kirsty Costello.

4 x 100m Relay Silcock, McAndrew, Patterson, Greig, Still; 4 x 400 Relay Varielle, Mailer, Calvert, Dickson, Still

U16 Boys:

100m Jack Guthrie; 800m David McNair; 100m Hurdles Cameron Keelan; Long Jump Scott Brindley; Shot Putt Craig Moncur; Javelin Daniel Brown

4 x 100m Mixed Relay: Guthrie, Keelan, Brindley

U16 Girls:

200m Alyson Bell; 1500m Isla Calvert; 80m Hurdles Rachel Broadfoot; High Jump Abbey Orr; Discus Hayley Berry; 4 x 100m Mixed Relay Bell, Broadfoot.

*Teams as selected and as at 1pm on Friday 21 July

Morton Stadium in Dublin

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