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Sunday 3rd April 2016

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ILM Club Leadership and Management Programme (certificate)

scottishathletics is committed to ensuring that club leaders are supported to run clubs as effectively as possible.

We believe that investing in people is critical to support clubs on their journey and to help them face the future confidently.

As such, we are now creating a  National Club Leaders Academy with an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) approved Club Leadership & Management Programme for leaders within clubs in Scotland.

This innovative course, designed in partnership with GBSport and accredited by the ILM, will help club leaders develop a broader understanding of business within a club context, develop their skills as leaders and will provide a strong emphasis on practice-based learning.

Mark Munro, Head of Development has been leading the development of the programme.

‘We believe the launch of the National Club Leaders Academy is another step forward in supporting athletics clubs in Scotland,’ said Mark.

‘This project runs in parallel to the already existing Club Together programme and the Club 20:20 modernisation project, and will really help develop those leading or aspiring to lead clubs in Scotland.

‘We are delighted that ILM have approved the new programme and must also thank our partners, GBSport, for supporting the development of workshops and software available to candidates.’

Mark Munro

Mark Munro

Particular emphasis will be placed on creating, managing and enhancing effective working relationships with management boards/committees whilst developing and leading the club workforce (paid staff and/or volunteers). There will also be a focus on developing the strategic and business plans for club.

Club leaders will also be invited to a number of workshops that will help review and develop their knowledge across a number of core business competency areas that will enhance their leadership and management, and ultimately, the effectiveness of the club’s operations.

On completion:

On completion of this course, leaders will be awarded the ILM approved certificate in Club Leadership & Business Management.

Selection Criteria

We are seeking expressions of interest from people who:

*Have current responsibility for influencing and leading within a club

*Are committed to continuous professional development

*Aspire/show potential to be a great club leader

*Want to further develop and refine their leadership competencies or behaviours

Start of Senior Men's race at National Cross County

Clubs at the National Cross Country

How Much Does It Cost?

This programme is subsidised significantly by scottishathletics but we are seeking a small contribution from each candidate to support course costs for the 12-month programme which will include circa eight workshops, the Club Leaders Conference plus any overnight stays.

For scottishathletics Ltd affiliated clubs (leaders) – £50

For external organisations or individuals the cost is £500

Time Commitment and Attendance

The course will be delivered over a 12-month period and in conjunction with the scottishathletics Club 20:20 modernisation project for clubs. Individual candidates are expected to;

*Attend circa eight workshop days (or webinars) within the 12-month period

*Attend the National Club Leaders Conference in October

*Complete the online Club Leader Training Modules (within 12 months)

*Develop/revise the business plan for the club as appropriate

Closing Date is 13 May 2016

More information and application forms can be found at

If you have any queries or wish to discuss the programme in more detail please contact Mark Munro at or call 07557 433856.



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