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ILM Club Leadership & Management Programme

scottishathletics is committed to ensuring that staff and volunteers are supported to run clubs as effectively as possible. We believe that investing in people is critical to support clubs on their journey and to help them face the future confidently.

We are delighted to announce that following the success of our inaugural Club Leaders’ Academy in 2016/17, we will be running a second year of the programme for a new intake of up to 20 Leaders in 2017/18.

This innovative course, designed in partnership with GBSport and approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), will help club leaders develop a broader understanding of business within a club context, develop their skills as leaders and will provide a strong emphasis on practice-based learning.

To continue enhancing the Academy, we are this year introducing a series of four workshops focussing on the leadership development of the delegates. These workshops will be in addition to a programme of club development workshops that they will also have access to.

Key benefits of the course include:

  • Develops a range of leadership skills and business skills which are transferable into a club context and beyond
  • Developing strategic, business and operational plans for clubs whilst evaluating effectiveness
  • Uses case studies and examples of good practice within sport / sports clubs
  • Fosters a network of skilled individuals and progressive clubs across Scotland
  • Receive mentoring support to help candidates achieve their leadership goals
  • Enhances future career prospects outwith the sport

Key Focus Areas:

Leadership & Management

  • Understanding and developing good leadership skills
  • Analysing leadership behaviour and providing support
  • Developing good management practice
  • Developing effective relationships and conflict resolution

Business Knowledge & Competencies (in practice)

  • Club governance
  • Legal status and options
  • Club management & effective structures
  • Strategic, business and operational planning
  • Financial management and planning
  • Employment, human resources & workforce development
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Coach development & talent development
  • Facilities management

On completion

On completion of this course, leaders will be awarded with a certificate for this ILM approved Club Leadership & Management Programme


To apply for this year’s Academy the interested Club Leader(s) must complete the short online application form. To be considered, all applications must be received by 12:00 on Friday 18 August 2017. All applicants will be contacted by Friday 25 August to inform them if they have been successful.

Selection Criteria

We are seeking expressions of interest from people who:

  • Have current responsibility for influencing and leading within a club;
  • Are committed to continuous professional development
  • Aspire/show potential to be a great club leader
  • Want to further develop and refine their leadership competencies or behaviours

How Much Does It Cost?

This programme is subsidised significantly by scottishathletics but we are seeking a small contribution from each candidate to support course costs for the 12 month programme, which will include circa 8 workshops, the Club Leaders Conference plus any overnight stays.

For Scottish Athletics Ltd affiliated clubs (leaders) – £50
For external organisations or individuals the cost is £500 

Time Commitment and Attendance

The course will be delivered over a 10 month period and in conjunction with the scottishathletics Club 20:20 modernisation project for clubs. Individual candidates are expected to:

  • Attend a minimum of three leadership development workshops;
  • Complete seven online training courses in their own time (by June 2018)
  • Attend a minimum of three club development workshops; and
  • Develop/revise the business plan for the club as appropriate.

How much does it cost?

This year’s Club Leaders’ Academy will start on Friday 8 (13:00) and Saturday 9 September (09:00-15:00) with a residential at Dunblane Hydro and will run until June 2018. The cost for a Club Leader to access the programme is £50 which includes meals and accommodation on the 8/9 September, and attendance and refreshments at all workshops throughout the Academy programme.

Further Information

For further information please contact Head of Development, Colin Hutchison.

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