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Tuesday 20th January 2015

Coach Development

Scottish Coaches Receive £100k of Coaching Resources – Free

Resources worth £100,000 have been provided to 250 Scottish coaches engaged in the national coach development programme.

Those coaches attending the October and December national Event Group Development Days will benefit from a free license to the Movement Dynamic online resources, courtesy of scottishathletics and Kelvin Giles.

The licenses form part of the resources being developed around the national coaching syllabus, which is adopting the best practices and latest coaching techniques and is a blueprint to develop Scottish athletes to a higher level.

The syllabus outlines clear physical competencies (general and event specific) and technical competencies required for each stage of the athlete pathway along with any relevant performance indicators.

Coaching the coaches 2014

Coaching the coaches

scottishathletics will continue to develop the resources further and will also provide the necessary resources (written and visual) and education to support coaches and clubs with delivery on the ground.

The package being provided to coaches (worth £400 each) entitles coaches to the full range of products for each of the following:

5 in 5 Products – all modules

Progressive Exercise Syllabus – all packs

Additional Movement Progressions – all products

 5in5 Pack5-All 24 Modules:

The 5in5 (All 24 Levels) is a progressive series of movement puzzles that can be taught informally or formally. Once demonstrated or shown on a screen the exercises can be assembled into a variety of situations including Warm Ups, Movement Breaks within a training session, Movement Breaks in a gym environment or added together to form more extended physical work periods.

Progressive Exercise Syllabus:

The Progressive exercise products entitles coaches to the full syllabus which includes 9 PES packs:

PES Pack1-Flexibility

PES Pack2-Stability

PES Pack3-Body Shaping and Control

PES Pack4- Lower Body

PES Pack5 – Shoulder Stability + Trunk

PES Pack6- Pulling + Pushing

PES Pack7- Jumping

PES Pack8- Running & Agility

PES Pack9- Medicine Ball Throws

Additional Movement Progressions:

The Additional Movement Progressions products will entitle coaches to all 9 modules which include:

1 Additional Movement Puzzles

2 Vertical Stability – Co-contraction

3 Vertical Stability – In Place

4 Vertical Stability – Dynamic

5 Hip-Quad Flexibility

6  Sway Drill

7 The Hinge

8 Leg Circuits

9 Single Leg Journey

Darren Ritchie

Darren Ritchie

Supporting Coaches to Use the Resources Effectively:

scottishathletics staff will be supporting the implementation of the Movement Dynamics resources and utilisation of them by coaches via several workshops in March.

The following dates are available for coaches, who attended the Event Group Development Days in October and/or December, to come along:

4 March – East – Caledonia House, Edinburgh (6.30pm- 9pm)

6-8 March – Orkney – Pickaquoy Centre ,Kirkwall – exact date and time TBC as session (incorporated within Orkney coaching conference weekend)

13 March – West – Emirates Arena, Glasgow (6.30pm – 9pm)

14 March – Grampian – Hillhead, Aberdeen (1pm – 4pm)

15 March (TBC) – Inverness & Islands– Video Conference session (6.30pm – 9pm)

20 March – Grangemouth – Grangemouth Stadium (6.30pm – 9pm)

*If you attended the Event Group Development Days then you qualify for the resources – please email mark.munro@scottishathletics.org.uk for more information

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