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Sunday 25th May 2014

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scottishathletics are announcing the second year of its National Youth Academy programme which aims to try and ensure our best teenagers continue to develop in the sport.

The new intake will come together for the first time at the NYA Training Camp in October with the plan being to support and direct young athletes, their coaches and their parents as they progress towards senior status.

At this stage, the principal trigger for consideration to be part of the National Youth Academy programme is an Under-17 athlete achieving the Power of 10 ‘UK 10 Target’ in applicable events on the national rankings. Under exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the NYA Programme Lead, other athletes may be considered.

scottishathletics regard the aims of the programme to be as follows:

  • Increasing the retention of our best age group athletes into the Senior ranks
  • Increased representation on GB U18, U20 and U23 teams enroute to CWG 2018 and beyond
  • Greater number of young athletes on CWG 2018 team and beyond
  • More medals at CWG 2018 and beyond

scottishathletics regard thebenefits of the programme (as appropriate) as follows:

  • Coach Education Opportunities
  • Athlete Education Opportunities
  • Parent Education Opportunities
  • Subsidised Event Specific Competition Opportunity
  • Physiotherapy/Functional Movement Screening
  • Subsidised Training Camp Opportunity
  • Physiotherapy Support

Performers who are to be considered for inclusion will be will be contacted at the close of the summer season and a meeting will be arranged with the coach, parents and athlete ‘team’ in order to clarify the purpose of the National Youth Academy and identify whether the programme is appropriate for them at this stage in their development.

The programme will be a combination of education, learning and opportunities for athletes, coaches and parents which – when partnered with hard work and strong commitment – will help prepare the team for the challenges ahead.

It is all geared to assist the athlete to fulfil their performance potential in the sport as seniors.

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