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Wednesday 10th May 2023

Building a Culture of Success: Great news as our sport lands increased investment over four years

It is an exciting week for our sport with great news about increased investment from sportscotland.

That additional funding over the next four years allows us as a national governing body (NGB) to support new key roles in performance and development as we seek to maintain momentum and increase growth.

The increased investment follows on from us completing a new-look ‘Building a Culture of Success‘ strategy document which helps guide our projects and targets.

Our two video interviews with chief executive, Colin Hutchison, and Head of Performance, Mark Pollard, explain further our approach for the months and years ahead.

‘Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and tell us what they want from their governing body,’ said Colin.

‘We knew it was important to fully engage with the sport during this process, and when we did, it was pleasing to see the consistency from the sport, with the views of our staff and the Board.

‘There will be further news in the coming weeks about how the increased investment will be used to bring the strategy to life.

‘There are plans for new roles and development in key areas for athletics in Scotland, to make sure the wider sport sees and benefits from the impact of both strategy and funding.

‘Our aims in the coming years are to continue to develop clear, consistent pathway programmes which facilitate the retention of athletes to achieve success as seniors and prepare coaches to go on that journey as well,’ said Mark.

‘We want to see continued athlete success across athletics and Para athletics, with strong representation on GB teams across all disciplines of our sport and support access to quality competition opportunities for our performance development athletes as they move through the pathway.

‘We’re thankful for the continued support of sportscotland Institute of Sport as we do this – the importance of partnership can’t be underestimated and their input and expertise will play a key role as we continue to aspire to move the sport forward in the years ahead.’

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