Cateran Trail race to host Scottish Ultra Trail Champs

Sunday 29th January 2023

Cateran Trail event website 

Calling all our ultra runners!

scottishathletics are pleased to confirm details for this year’s Ultra Trail Champs to take place within the Cateran Trail race.

The event in eastern Perthshire will take place on Saturday 13 May and is over 55 miles/90km with 2250m of ascent.

Race HQ is based at Gulabin Lodge outdoor centre at Spittal of Glenshee with runners having a 15-hour limit to complete.

In addition to the individual race prizes, Championship medals will be awarded at the Cateran Trail to:

*Our first three male and female scottishathletics  members
*Our first three male and female Masters members
*Our first three SAL club teams male and female

The Course Records are as follows:

Men: Rob Sinclair  7:18:52

Women: Jamie Aarons 9:12:53

Entry is now available online via Entry Central 

With thanks to Adrian Stott



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