Taylah and Tegan make it two Scottish medals for Orkney AC

Tuesday 17th August 2021

Photo courtesy of Taylah Spence

WATCH: Vinco play-back with race highlights

Orkney AC sisters Taylah and Tegan Spence have hit the headlines at home after a great double medal-winning weekend at the 4J Studios U17 and Senior Champs.

Taylah, 22, is the new Scottish 200m Champion, while Tegan at the age of just 19 took bronze in the Senior 400m.

It is understood the gold is the first Senior Scottish title for the club.

The pair spoke about their achievements to Rob Flett on BBC Radio Orkney.

Taylah, who ran 24:86 for the win, said: ‘It’s taken a lot of hard work, that’s for sure – a lot of hard work in the winter and through the summer as well.

‘I don’t think some people realise that it’s not just summer training, it’s all year round we work hard for this, and it’s good when you get these results, it really makes it all worth it.’

Pic: Taylah on the podium with silver medallist Lois Garland of Perth Strathtay (on left) and Janine Boyle of Tweed Leader (photo by Bobby Gavin)

She thanked her family and coach Eoghan MacNamara, who she started training with while at University in Aberdeen.

Now a midwife, she also thanked her colleagues for their flexibility with shift changes to allow her to travel and compete. Her next goal? A senior Scottish vest: ‘That’s a big dream of mine, I would love to do that, it would mean a lot.’

Tegan was similarly delighted with her performance at the weekend: ‘It’s exceeded my expectations, I was coming down to Seniors, it was just for the experience and to get a run in the legs before the U20s so to come home with a medal, it’s definitely not what I was expecting.

‘The lasses that I had beaten have beaten me before, so it was a really good feeling to come back and manage to beat those that have been quicker than you in the past.’

Listen to the full interview below, from the 7 minute mark:

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