Scotland 100K selections for Anglo Celtic Plate

Friday 29th January 2016

Fionna Ross – will represent Scotland over 100K at Perth

Nine athletes have been selected to represent Scotland at the Anglo Celtic Plate, the home countries distance international.

The event is the only regular annual race in Great Britain over the internationally recognised ultra distance of 100K (62.2 miles) and Scotland are hosts this year.

Perth’s North Inches park, with its 2.381K loop on the banks of the historic River Tay, will be the venue on Sunday 27 March with the adjoining Bells Sports Centre acting as HQ.

Teams from England, Wales and the home nation Scotland have already committed to the event, and it is hoped teams from Ireland will be enticed to compete as well. There is also a simultaneously run open race at both 100k and 50k and these count as Scottish and British championships.

It offers an opportunity for experienced and first time ultra runners to run one of the two classic recognised ultra distances, on an accurately certified course. Entries are now open at Entry Central with full details of the race at the event website.

Scotland teams:

Men: Marco Consani, Paul Giblin, Andrew Murray, Rob Turner, James Stewart

Women: Fionna Ross, Sophie Mullins, Rosie Bell, Charlotte Black

Many congratulations to those athletes and their families, coaches and clubs on these selections to represent Scotland in ultra running, with this an international opportunity under the auspices of the Road Running and Cross Country Commission.

Scotland Commonwealth Games marathon runner, Ross Houston, made his 100K debut in the ACP last year in Wales and will compete this time over 50K.

The ACP was last held in Perth in 2013 when the champions were Ireland’s Dan Doherty who won in a time of 7:05:23 and Emily Gelder of Wales with 8:16:55.

Here’s Adrian Stott’s brief background guide to those selected:

Marco Consani: Winner Barcelona 24 hour in Dec with 159 miles; winner Lakeland 100 in 2014; GB 24-hr international

Paul Giblin: GB international at 100K and Trail; 3-times winner WHW and current course record holder; Scottish 100K champion 2014

Andrew Murray: Scottish 100K international last 2 years; experienced adventure trail racer, too!

Rob Turner: 1st international; winner Glenogle 33 2015 2nd Devil of the Highlands ultra 2014

James Stewart: 1st international; winner and course record holder of the 40-Mile Clyde Stride and Glemnore 24 hr in 2015

Fionna Ross: Scottish wom 12-hr and 24-hr record holder ; WHW winner 2014 GB international at 24 hrs and Trail

Sophie Mullins: 1st scottish vest. Winner 37-mile, Kintyre Way ultra 2015; 2nd Speyside Way ultra 2015

Rosie Bell: Scottish 100K champion 2014 and 2015;  3-times WHW winner

Charlotte Black: Scottish 100K champion 2013;  Winner Glen Ogle 33 2015

With thanks to Adrian Stott


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