U15 Triple Jump change as run-up restrictions are now lifted

Tuesday 31st May 2022

Photo by Simon Wootton

Over the last number of years in all scottishathletics licensed events there has been a restricted run-up rule in place for U15 athletes competing in the Triple Jump.

Following a review and discussions with the Track and Field Commission, relevant coaches and the UKA Jumps Advisory Group, we are pleased to confirm that this restriction will no longer be enforced for U15 athletes.

It was concluded that there is no need for this restriction to continue to be in place, although much care should still be taken by coaches in ensuring the safety of athletes of this age undertaking this demanding event, with shorter run-up lengths being advised.

The removal of this restriction will be effective from June 1 2022 for all events going forward including the Jumps and Throws GP meet this weekend in Dundee.



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