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Monday 10th May 2021

With the Together Apart Districts initiative running in May, the need for local officials has never been greater.

To help club volunteers to get more experienced or qualified we are running online virtual courses in May on the following dates:

Wednesday 19 May – Level 1 Track Course

Monday 31 May – Level 1 Field Course Part 1

Monday 7 June – Level 1 Field Course Part 2

All courses will be delivered on Zoom and will run from 6:30pm till 9pm.

Booking details can be found on the Courses for Officials page of the website.

We’d love to see clubs encouraging volunteers to take their first steps along the officiating path by promoting these courses – having more officials is good news for clubs, and for the sport as a whole.

Save the Date

Later in the year we’ll help you get ready for the Cross Country season with the Level 1 Endurance & Risk Awareness Course, planned for Saturday 25 September, Venue TBC.

For more information on all officials courses contact Shona Malcolm.

scottishathletics staff help Officials at Kilmarnock on Saturday to make our 4J Studios Invitational meet happen – and volunteer Officials are helping with Together Apart Districts around the country

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