New UKA Rule book – with changes

Wednesday 4th May 2016

The 2016 UKA Rule Book is now in use as of 1 April 2016.  It has been based on the current IAAF Rule Book and IAAF numbering has been adopted for use in the UK.

Two documents have been added to the Competitions>Rules part of the UKA website to clarify issues arising from the recent publication of the rule book

*Summary of Main Rule Changes

*Supplementary Guidance Notes

Summary of Main Rule Changes

Where any UKA Domestic rule differs from IAAF, the specific change is shown as a supplement below the IAAF rule in BLUE. This is particularly so in respect of membership and registration, athlete transfers between clubs and eligibility matters generally.

Age groups, not covered in IAAF rules (under 17s and lower and Masters) together with their hurdle heights and throwing specifications (all unchanged) are also shown in blue as supplements in the new rule book.

As a cross reference, the rule numbers that applied in the 2014 UKA Rule Book are shown with each supplement.

Supplementary Guidance Notes

Following publication of the 2016 – 2018 Rule Book a number of issues have been identified that were either omitted during printing or require explanation; these are summarised in the Supplementary Guidance Notes.

Mindful of the complexity of the changes made in the 2016 UKA Rule book the UKA Board have agreed that UKA Advisory Groups can issue Supplementary Guidance notes during the period of this rule book to correct any anomalies every April and October to allow minor corrections to the rules which may arise following its re-structuring.



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