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Tuesday 8th November 2016

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scottishathletics has launched the next ‘year’ of our key development programme, the National Academy.

The original project was set-up and started back in 2013 with the intention being to better support and direct young athletes, their coaches and parents as they progress towards senior status.

Now the athlete total has settled at 39 with a new intake this year set to receive services and support via the scottishathletics National Academy programme.

scottishathletics regard the targets of the programme to be as follows:

*Improving the retention rate of our best age group athletes into the Senior ranks

*Increased representation on GB U18, U20 and U23 teams en route to CWG Gold Coast 2018 and beyond

*Increased representation on GB Senior teams and GB Performance Programme

*Greater number of young athletes on CWG 2022 team and beyond

*More medals at CWG Gold Coast 2022 and beyond

scottishathletics regard the benefits of the programme (as appropriate) as follows:

*Coach Education Opportunities

*Athlete Education Opportunities

*Parent Education Opportunities

*Subsidised Event Specific Competition Opportunity

*Physiotherapy / Functional Movement Screening Support

*Subsidised Training Camp Opportunity

*Physiotherapy Support

The National Academy is a two-year education programme for developing track and field athletes which aims to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies that will be essential in helping them achieve the overall outcomes of the programme.

We feel that, when partnered with hard work and dedication, the opportunities, support and guidance offered will help prepare the athlete ‘teams’ for the challenges ahead – ultimately assisting them to fulfil their performance potential in the sport as seniors.


Academy athletes gathered for a residential training camp in October

From November 2016, the National Academy Programme looks as follows:

Multi Events (5):

Howard Bell (Iain McEwan) Edinburgh AC (Year One)

Scott Connal (Iain McEwan) Whitemoss AAC (Year One)

Holly McArthur (Iain McEwan) Whitemoss AAC (Year One)

Joel McFarlane (Ian McFarlane) Arbroath and District AC (Year One)

Caitlin Edgar (Kenny Pearson) Central AC (Year Two)

Endurance (9):

Adam Scott (Steve Doig) Fife AC (Year One)

Jemma Reekie (Andy Young) Kilbarchan AAC (Year One)

Annabel Simpson (Steve Doig) Fife AC (Year One)

Erin Wallace (Dudley Walker) Giffnock North AAC (Year One)

Joe Arthur (Eric Fisher) Edinburgh AC (Year Two)

Ben Greenwood (Cat Tavendale) Perth Strathtay (Year Two)

Carys McAulay (Trevor Painter) Warrington AC (Year Two)

Cameron Steven (Jamie Bowie) Lasswade AC (Year Two)

Shelby Watson (Ian Mirfin) Red Star AC (Year Two)


Cumbernauld’s Lewis Brown, coached by Stephen Wallace

Sprints and Hurdles (13):

Lewis Brown (Stephen Wallace) Cumbernauld AC (Year One)

Nathan Fleetwood (Pat Kelly) Law and District AC (Year One)

Jade Henry (Chris Baillie) Victoria Park City of Glasgow (Year One)

Jenna Wrisberg (Alan Wrisberg) Giffnock North AAC (Year One)

Jill Cherry (Allan Scott)  Victoria Park City of Glasgow (Year Two)

Robert Green (Colin Gaynor) Herts Phoenix (Year Two)

Finlay Marriott (Brian Hopkins) Cambridge & Coleridge (Year Two)

Ross Paterson (John Kinder) Red Star AC (Year Two)

Mhairi Patience (Allan Scott) Victoria Park City of Glasgow (Year Two)

Sarah Pearson (John Dawson) Central AC (Year Two)

Alisha Rees (Willy Russell) Banchory Stonehaven (Year Two)

Cameron Tindle (Henry Gray/Bruce Scott) Edinburgh AC (Year Two)

Adam Thomas (Ken Spencer) Bracknell AC (Year Two)

Throws (7):

Adam Boyle (Karen Costello) Victoria Park City of Glasgow (Year One)

Andrew Costello (Chris Bennett) Kilbarchan AAC (Year One)

Paddy Dunne (Duncan Flockhart) Inverness Harriers (Year One)

Emma Rae (Colin McCulloch) Pitreavie AC (Year One)

George Evans (Colin McCulloch) Inverness Harriers (Year Two)

Lisa O’Neill (Clark Hayward) Pitreavie AC (Year Two)

Andrew Peck (Alison Grey) Victoria Park City of Glasgow (Year Two)

SAL Awards 2016 Oct 29th (C)Bobby Gavin/Scottish Athletics Byline must be used

Alessandro Schenini, coached by David Watson, was short-listed for U17 Athlete of the Year

Jumps (5):

Kara Dobbie (David Watson) Glasgow School of Sport (Year One)

Calum Henderson (John Scott) Edinburgh AC (Year One)

Aidan Quinn (David Watson) Glasgow School of Sport (Year One)

Alessandro Schenini (David Watson/Ryan McAllister) Giffnock North AAC (Year One)

Rachel Alexander (David Watson) Giffnock North AAC (Year Two)


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