‘Running has given me a focus and made me, well, me . . .’ Mark Gallacher

Friday 17th May 2024

Photo by Bobby Gavin

Running together can save lives – read more

Mark Gallacher is a well-known and respected figure on the running scene in Scotland – and now a highly successful Masters athlete.

But only a few years ago the prospect of that seemed highly unlikely.

After a promising career in his teens, the now Cambuslang Harriers athlete fell away from the sport and by his own admission was smoking and drinking too much.

Two decades later he returned and running his now truly changed his life.

In an inspiring video interview linked with Mental Health Awareness Week and a campaign by England Athletics and other Homes Countries, Mark is totally candid about both his ‘previous life’ and why running has now become very important.

Athletics Trust Scotland – Mark’s story

He is one of the ambassadors for Athletics Trust Scotland and told us previously . . .

‘Has running turned my life around? Of course it has.

‘I am a different and better person. I have a new and wide circle of friends and running buddies. I have focus. I have an outlet to clear my head when things are tough, breathing space can be a powerful thing.

‘I am in good shape physically and mentally. I have used it to set my own targets as I went along, from having the focus to stop smoking and lose weight to being able to run to the next lampost, to joining jogscotland, to a sub 50 10k, sub 45, sub 40, sub 36, to having the courage to join a club.

‘On the whole the athletics community in Scotland is the most supportive network I have come across.

‘A diverse range of people who wouldn’t have become friends without this shared interest, and common goals. The vast majority are there to help and encourage each other. Running has enabled me to meet so many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise.’

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