‘Thanks for all the support from home – whatever time you were up’ – Laura

Tuesday 19th July 2022

Awesome in Oregon! Laura lands superb World Champs medal 

Laura Muir delivered a ‘thank you‘ message for the athletics community across Scotland after she became only the second Scot to win an individual medal in the history of the Worlds Champs.

In her special video interview from Oregon, with Stuart Weir on our behalf, Laura underlined her appreciation as she also spoke about the incredible pace of the race and why she wasn’t totally aware of how the field had been fractured.

‘The Worlds was the championship that was bugging me so it was brilliant to get that medal,’ said Laura.

‘Thanks very much for the support from home! I know the schedule (3.50am) isn’t the best and the only good thing is it is an awful lot better for the Commonwealths.

‘I really appreciate the support so, whether you stayed up through the night or not, thanks very much indeed! It means a lot.’

BBC Sport Scotland coverage

Laura Muir and coach Andy Young at Hayward Field in Oregon (photo via Andy)

The three medallists were effectively decided early and the 800m split set by Kipyegon was around 2.03 minutes.

‘I heard the bell ring for us and then heard it again a little bit later so I knew there was a gap – I just wasn’t sure how many were in our group. My focus was to look forward and keep chasing.

‘I am so delighted. It was all about this medal, that was what I wanted. I took my time trying (it was Laura’s fifth World Champs final) but I am so, so happy I got it.

‘I had the most significant injury of my career this February. I didn’t run for two months. That is the longest time I’ve had off running since starting but I had confidence in myself and my ability that we have time.’


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