Join us for Regional Development days for Throws and for Jumps

Wednesday 16th February 2022

Photos by Bobby Gavin

scottishathletics are pleased to confirm plans for the next series of Regional Development Days for coaches.

We continue with an event group approach in that regard and next month will see sessions in the Throws and the Jumps.

The focus of these sessions is to provide practical, accessible workshop opportunities for ongoing learning, building a coach network and supporting coaches to develop their technical and physical literacy of field events.

These Throws and Jumps Sessions are available to all licensed coaches.

If you are interested in joining these sessions, please use the links below to register.


Chris Bennett will help on Hammer for our Throws Development Day (photo here by British Athletics/Getty Images)

Throws Regional Development Day:

Saturday 19 March at Grangemouth

Coach Developers: Alison Grey (Shot, Discus), Karen Costello (Javelin), Chris Bennett (Hammer)

Time(s): 10am-12:30pm – (Shot, Discus); 1pm-3pm – Javelin, Hammer)

The sessions will focus on developing the technical competence of throws and effective season planning. Register via this link


Lewis McGuire in action at the 4J Seniors earlier this year (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Jumps Regional Development Days:

Sunday 13 March at the Emirates Arena (10am to 1pm)

Coach Developers: Ken Allan and Bryan Roy (Vertical); David Watson (Horizontal)

West Horizontal is full.

East and West Vertical will both take place at the Emirates on March 13.

Saturday 19 March at Pitreavie Sports Centre (10am to 1pm)

Coach Developer: Linda Nicholson (Horizontal).

East Horizontal Jumps

 Sign up via Google form link here

*Arrangements around Regional Development Days for the North in the Jumps and in the Throws will be announced in due course.

With thanks to Alison Grey and to Allan Hamilton




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