Inspired by Hampden? Athletics needs you

Tuesday 12th August 2014

Libby Clegg and guide runner mikail Huggins dip for the line to win gold at Commonwealth Games

Follow our role models into the sport

Inspired by Eilidh Child’s performance and emotional lap of honour at a packed Hampden?

Or the emotion and drama of Lynsey Sharp’s superb silver only 24 hours later at the National Stadium?

Maybe you want to be as fast as gold medallist Libby Clegg? Or see if you can throw a hammer like bronze medallist Mark Dry?

Or perhaps you just want to be part of the best sport in the world . . . well, you can be. Starting now!

Athletics is undoubtedly the most exciting and inclusive sport in the world with events to suit all ages, abilities and skill sets.  There are many facets to this wonderful sport and it’s not only about the athletes.

There are 142 athletics clubs in Scotland who need your help with opportunities available from the recruitment of new athletes to coaches, technical officials or general club volunteering.

scottishathletics, the governing body for the sport in Scotland, provide many opportunities for anyone involved in the sport ranging from competition and events, general support and training for clubs and club volunteers, coach development, technical officials training plus many more.

From the National Schools programme including international athlete visits to the National Coach Development programme and the highly successful Club Together Programme, we have support opportunities for everyone.

If you want to see how much difference your help could make to your local club, watch this great BBC video about Kilmarnock Harriers and how they’re thriving – a growing club needs volunteers and you could make the difference.

If you would like to join a club please visit our club finder page – this will help you locate a group in your local area and you can take the first steps to joining.

And here’s where to look to find out more about opportunities for  schools.

For more details on being involved in coaching, there’s plenty of information on this website which can help.

And here’s where to look if you want to become a technical official

Alternatively, if you want to get involved in our sport and discuss potential opportunities please contact your appropriate Regional Development Manager.

We’ve contacts page which will direct you to the right person for your region in Scotland.

*Please also be aware that our National Coaching Weekend for all coaches takes place on the 20th/21st September at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow.


Hampden picture by Bobby Gavin


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