Help with our online survey

Saturday 18th April 2015

Start of Senior Men's race at National Cross County

All our members will have received an email this week with a link to a brief online survey.

The survey is short and anonymous but extremely useful – it will give us vital information about who our members are. This in turn helps us identify any areas of under-representation or potential inequalities in the sport, making it easier for us to tackle these issues, as well as potentially identify new athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers to get involved in athletics.

We would be very grateful if members could take a few moments to complete the survey – the more responses we get, the more useful the data will be.


The survey will be open until midnight on Thursday April 30.

This survey is being carried out as part of our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 and as part of the accreditation process for the Equality Standard for Sport – responsibilities which we take very seriously.

Please note – responses will be treated in the strictest confidence, in line with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. This means that:

  • The information you provide will be stored securely with restricted access;
  • Information will be anonymous (this means that there will be no way in which you can be identified), there is nowhere on the form that asks for your name; and
  • Information will be combined in the form of summary reports which will be reported to our Board, used to influence our business planning, and used as part of the portfolio of evidence that we will submit for the Equality Standard assessment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact chief executive Nigel Holl in confidence on


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