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Tuesday 19th May 2020

scottishathletics are pleased to launch our ‘I Challenge You’ series of exercises for athletics at home.

The lockdown restrictions in place amid the coronavirus crisis have led to athletes, coaches and clubs to adapt their usual routines.

And we are firmly of the view that the message has to be: Training? It’s still on, just different!

Now we’re pleased to share the first of a series of short videos explaining some of our ‘I Challenge You’ exercise routines for you to try at home.

We see these as perfect for athletes of all ages and stages and urge clubs to engage with members by sharing our social media posts.

GB international and multiple British Championship medallist, Guy Learmonth, was first out of the blocks to help us.

Check out the video with Guy and listen to his explanation of the ‘tuck jump’ exercise – how many can you do in 30 seconds?

Of course, remember, if you want to adjust the length of time you do these for, feel free! It’s meant to be a fun way to keep fit.

GB internationals Allan Smith and Josh Kerr have also been helping us out filming exercises and we plan to launch further ‘I Challenge You’ videos over the next few Tuesdays – so look out for that.

And if you want to use the video to challenge family, friends, club-mates and age group rivals then we’d love to see that, too!


Meanwhile, Guy has been chatting with Rhona McLeod about how he expects any 2020 track and field season to be effectively written off as Britain’s elite athletes start to look towards 2021 and chasing Olympic selection.

Guy also under-lined his ambitions to appear at a third Commonwealth Games for Team Scotland come Birmingham in 2022, even though athletes face a hectic summer that year.

*Photos by Bobby Gavin and video production by Rhona McLeod of McLeod Media.


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