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Monday 14th September 2015

Coaching the coaches 2014

Event Group Coach: Integration Days

scottishathletics have lined up four dates for the final days of the UKA Event Group Coach, Level 3 qualifications.

The Level 2 coaches involved for this must have completed the full online course before booking their place on the course.

Event groups are broken down into four groups: Endurance; Speed and Hurdles; Jumps; Throws

All sections of the online content must have been completed and passed before trying to book a place on the final Integration day.

The Integration Day is a full day, starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm and will be largely classroom based. The day is designed to allow coaches to further explore their knowledge around the specifics of their chosen Event Group.

Book Integration Day courses online 

The course cost is £75 and it is a full day in a classroom setting, working in groups to develop everyone’s knowledge of the event group.

Course details are:

Endurance: 7 November: Emirates Arena, NGB1, 5th Floor

Speed and Hurdles: 8 November: Emirates Arena, NGB 1, 5th Floor

Jumps: 21 November: Grangemouth Athletics Stadium

Throws: 22 November: Grangemouth Athletics Stadium

The Lead Tutor will be Tom Crick. There are more details on the Event Group coach qualification online.

To book your place, please complete the Education Data and Booking form and submit it to Joanne Dennis at scottishatheltics.


Overview of the Event Group Coach.

The Event Group Coach (EGC) programme is designed to provide licensed athletics coaches with a greater understanding and awareness of the issues involved with coaching athletes at the Event Group Development stage of the athlete development pathway.

The course is currently available with content aimed at each of the four event group areas – sprints and hurdles, jumps, throws and endurance. In the future this will be expanded to include combined events and wheelchair racing.

Coaches who undertake this course will develop their technical knowledge and expertise across the individual events that make up each of the event areas:

*Sprints and Hurdles: Short and Long Sprints and Hurdles

*Jumps: Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump and Pole Vault

*Throws: Shot Putt, Discus, Javelin and Hammer

*Endurance: Middle/Long Distance, Steeplechase, Race Walking

During the programme, candidates will be asked to consider, plan for and adapt training to meet the needs of individuals who have a range of abilities, experiences and fundamental movement skills regardless of their chronological age.

The Event Group Coach programme has two components to it:

1) An online learning component, which coaches can work their way through at their own pace. A thorough understanding of all the information presented online will ensure all candidates are at the same level and can get the most out of the second part of the programme.

To ensure all candidates study the material a short multiple choice test must be completed online at the end of every module.

2) A single integration day during which coaches will come together to discuss how to integrate the information they have studied online into a training plan for an athlete at the event group development stage of the athlete development pathway.

Candidates embarking on this course must do so in the knowledge that it will require a significant investment in terms of time to complete the online learning component.

However, with the exception of the multiple choice tests at the end of every module of the online component there is no assessment of actual coaching practice during this award.




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